I introduce myself


Passion and dedication

An authentic passion for all artisanal things, the exclusive fruit of a job in which hands, head and heart work together to make creations that are never the same and have their own story

Arteincasamia is born

I have always had a passion for drawing and, driven by the desire to attend art school. Over time, my ambition became to open a craft shop, a dream that I didn't think would ever come true as I have disability problems. However, life always surprises you and thanks to the advent of e-commerce, I was able to open my own website, arteincasamia.it. The web has given me the joy of dedicating myself to my passions, giving me the opportunity to express my creativity. For several years I have been active on the web, on social networks and, through my ideas, I actively participate in the fantastic world of handmade. I love Christmas, decorating the tree, making the nativity scene, watching a movie in front of the fireplace with the lights of the tree and candles in the background, in fact my favorite job is to create Christmas decorations.

My Phrase

"Chi lavora con le mani è un operaio,
chi lavora con le mani e la testa è un artigiano,
chi lavora con le mani, la testa e il cuore è un artista"
Francesco D'Assisi